My name is Harper Imm, and I am a graphic designer from the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Some areas of design I am interested in are typography, illustration, and branding. I initially got into design to learn how to digitally communicate. As I got more experience designing, I learned that I love to help people deliver their messages with design. It is a satisfying aspect of design for me to create exactly what the client has envisioned. Now as a designer, I want to be able to express myself and do work that impacts society for the better and gets people to interact with positive social causes. As I continue my journey in design, I want to increase the visibility of gender-expansive designers. As a nonbinary person, it has been hard to find people that represent me in the design world. I want to be able to shine a light on other designers that can show how diverse this community can be if we let it. I have done work for Old Dominion University’s student magazine Mace and Crown, posters for the university’s Art Department’s Exhibits, and a multitude of flyers and graphics for the university’s Women and Gender Equity Center during my time as their graphic designer. I have also been recognized through the university as the recipient of the Eddie and Sandy Garcia Scholarship for my artistic endeavors.
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